The Discovery Team Working In The Field

Both vessels were out again this week for the few days that the weather permitted. Taking advantage of the calm between the storms, the captains skillfully guided their vessels out to site in conditions that would have kept most at home. Sometimes the actual conditions betray what the weather channel or a beach camera show, and sometimes you just have to make a run for it as a storm front approaches.

A Look Inside The SeaSearcher Lab

The SeaSearcher lab is outfitted to build and maintain the SeaSearchers and supporting components. Pardon the covers. They are a little modest. Our lab has a dedicated workstation for each SeaSearcher. Yes, there are two SeaSearchers.

Dig And Identify With The Discovery Team In The Field

This week, we are sharing some images as the team works to uncover items identified by the SeaSearcher scans and hydro-probing. With both the Discovery and SeaSeacher teams in the water this week, there was plenty to do.

A Look Inside The Wet Storage Facility

One of the most exciting places at Seafarer Exploration these days is the Wet Storage Facility where all of the suspected artifacts are examined. The trip starts with the Discovery Team as they carefully measure, photograph, and document any potential artifact find. This includes many aspects such as location, length, width, and orientation.