Our SeaSearcher day starts with loading the SeaSearcher on the Good Fortune. Here, it is being loaded from the SeaSearcher command trailer. There will be more on that next week! Once loaded, the crew heads out to the site and launches the SeaSearcher into the water. A quick systems check and it’s all thrusters down to the bottom. One of our pilots and analysts then goes about the mission of piloting the SeaSearcher or setting it on an autonomous pre-established course for the day. Usually, visibility is only a few inches, but occasionally we can get a good picture or two on the bottom. Here is an encrusted object found by the Discovery team. We’ll show you more of their work soon as well as our newly established Wet Storage Facility. After several hours of scanning, the team escorts the SeaSearcher back to the Good Fortune and loads her up. Normally, scanning is a pretty lonely task, but occasionally, we get a visitor like this large manta ray that’s as big as our SeaSearcher! Maybe he thought we looked familiar.