This week, we are sharing some images as the team works to uncover items identified by the SeaSearcher scans and hydro-probing. With both the Discovery and SeaSeacher teams in the water this week, there was plenty to do. The Discovery team set up to explore down to an item buried 6’ below the seabed. Exploring to that depth in near-zero visibility is quite challenging, but the Discovery team makes it look easy. Work gets very meticulous the closer they get to the target as this is an underwater archeological dig.

Just a few hundred yards away, the SeaSearcher team is researching an area where a lot of shallow item indications were noted from the SeaSearcher. The team starts with a metal detector and documents finds as they search. The pieces shown, a small metal object attached to a piece of wood and an encrusted object, were between 18 and 24 inches below the seafloor. They will follow with hydro-probing and marking of target locations for the Discovery team.

But, alas, our work was cut short this week when a cold weather front came through and created 4-6 ft choppy seas along with a wicked surge at the bottom. We can’t wait to get back out there!

Also included is a better picture of the wooden beam that was discovered during the Discovery Channel shoot. It is about 12 feet long and 10-12 inches thick. A small sample from a metal eye attached to this beam indicated 99.9% pure iron. Along with a wood sample, it indicated this is a period item.