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While many companies focus on the investigation of precious metals as their sole objective, Seafarer understands that this is only a part of the larger archaeological value of these shipwreck sites. It is the objective of Seafarer to investigate, document and report the findings from these sites in a thorough and professional manner. The true treasure of these sites is their cultural value and the role they play in telling the story of human history. Seafarer is dedicated to preserving these cultural treasures and making the findings available to the enrichment of scholarly and public understanding of this fascinating chapter in human history. The investigation of any archaeological site, including shipwrecks, is not simply a Hollywood style treasure hunt. To the contrary, archaeology is a destructive art by which information must be recorded as the investigative process is carried out in order to preserve the information for future generations to enjoy. An object removed from its context without proper documentation loses a vast amount of its scientific value and its use to further the understanding the historical past is immediately hampered. Seafarer aims to raise the bar among private archaeological investigation companies by meticulously recording data and drafting integrated site and finds reports at the conclusion of each investigation.

The Seafarer business model is to keep the collection of artifacts found during archaeological investigation of sites intact. Rather, by maintaining the integrity of finds assemblages and the sites they originate from, Seafarer aims to preserve the invaluable heritage that these finds represent for the education and enjoyment of future generations. This policy singles Seafarer out from other underwater salvage companies, who all too often put the immediate lure of precious metals above the long-term value that these sites offer to our understanding of our shared historical past.

In order to ensure the integrity of the sites and finds investigated, the sale of any recovered precious metal is not within the business model of Seafarer. Instead, media distribution through avenues such as film, museum exhibitions and print material forms the principal means by which Seafarer will garner income from its activities. Merchandising, such as clothing and replica material, is also an income channel for the company.

Exploring the remains of the human past is an exciting experience, often attracting wide interest and enthusiasm. It is the aim of Seafarer to fulfill public interest in uncovering the cultural treasures of the past while maintaining a professional level of archaeological recording procedures in order to preserve the maximum amount of information for future study and appreciation of the sites.


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