Internationally Performed

Archival Research

Research Mission
It is the Research Mission of Seafarer to investigate archaeological data collected during the company’s survey and excavation operations in order to apply this to the study of colonial environments.

Research Ethics
An object is not an object, it is a story.

Research Principals
Quality research and its contribution to wider understanding of human history is its own reward.

Preservation of a site and its objects is the most important responsibility in an archaeological investigation.

Seafarer Exploration Universal Research Questions
In order to implement a research process which seeks to maximize the scholarly value of the sites investigated by Seafarer Exploration Corp., the following research questions will be addressed during the exploration and write-up of each project. Based upon the particular nature and findings of each individual site, these questions will be elaborated upon and customized to fit the appropriate circumstances. These questions form a coherent pattern of research approach which seeks to maintain consistency between studies as well as to create a body of research valuable to the enrichment of future generations.

  1. How does the investigation of this site contribute to the understanding of the historical past in a broad sense?
  2. How does this site conform or deviate from what may be expected from similar sites in the region and beyond based upon previous research?
  3. What does the finds assemblage for the site contribute to understanding the exchange network of the region and distribution of material culture during the time period under investigation?

Standards Defined by

Jason Lundock


Seafarer Exploration is actively pursuing joint ventures, additional wreck sites, and other business reflecting broad opportunities world wide.