Sometimes you get out on the water and say to yourself “I’m thinking this was not a good idea”. Wedged between two tropical lows, we spotted this little spring shower. It threatened to overtake the Good Fortune while we were out with the SeaSearcher doing some scanning. As ugly as it looks, we brought the SeaSearcher up, scooted South about 10 minutes, let it pass, and then went back to work. We were anxious to get some scanning done, but also to check out the new custom-designed loop for our metal detectors that our design team built based on SeaSearcher tech. It doubles our detection distance and footprint. They say it’s simple physics; we call it amazing. Once we were on the bottom, we scoped out the area we were scanning and did some poking around. Then, it was time for the SeaSearcher to get back to doing its thing. So, into the water, it went… nose-first. This time, in addition to our nose and wing cameras, we figured we would mount our GoPro and give you a first-person view ride on the back of the SeaSearcher as it moved over the ocean floor. During our scanning this week, we identified 12 new targets we need to come back and explore further.

Both boats are anxious to get back out on the water this week and glad these two tropical lows are past us and begin ocean testing of the SeaSearcher metal detector and explore more targets.