This week, Team Discovery hit the water to extract core samples for analysis by our project geologist. Core sampling is part of our permit compliance. It also helps us better understand the strata, so we know how to identify sub-bottom targets better. The divers also get their cardio and weightlifting in one shot as they drive the 5’ deep and 3” round core sampler with 50 lbs of weight! After we took several samples, the team headed out for some searching as part of the training of some new members for the Discovery Dive Team. They searched some of the known areas and shown how to get close and personal with the ocean bottom while searching. They kicked up a lot of silt in the process.

With conditions near-perfect, Team SeaSearcher hit the water for ocean qualification testing on SeaSearcher #2’s new metal discriminator. They escorted the SeaSearcher to the bottom and helped position it over the previously buried check targets on the ocean floor. A passing group of jellyfish made the divers happy they had on their wet suits! As the operators stepped through the testing procedure, the divers got a bit restless and decided to give us some of their best mermaid impressions. Everyone is getting excited as the SeaSearcher Metal Discriminator nears the end of its ocean qualification testing and gets ready for operations.