What a wild week! The Good Fortune headed out to do some SeaSearcher scanning early in the week before the season’s first tropical disturbance hit us. The ride out was pretty rough, but once on-site, the winds shifted, it seemed to settle down and the skies cleared up. We were able to get a good bit of scanning done and identified a new target area for a detailed scan before the conditions caught up with us.

Also, the SeaSearcher divers hit the water to bury some calibrated test targets for the SeaSearcher Metal Discriminator which is finishing up shore testing and will be in the water very soon. In collaboration with our Project Archaeologist, a series of period equivalent targets were buried at the depth our marine geologist indicated we would likely be finding period artifacts. It was an odd feeling to be burying a treasure chest! These reference targets are used to train the SeaSearcher’s targeting system what to look for. It’s like a scent cloth for a hunting dog. The divers were using our pole dredge to dig the hole. The SeaSearcher team uses it to quickly get to shallow targets that are a little deeper than the hand blowers can go, but not deep enough to haul out the big dredge.

The Discovery and Good Fortune crews along with their divers can’t wait to get back out once this disturbance passes over the weekend. Sometimes these storms help, sometimes they wreak havoc; but, what we do know is each day in the water will bring new discoveries! Next week, you will want to check back because we are going to show you some new tech and take you for a ride on a SeaSearcher scanning mission with the SearSearcher team. We hope the weather cooperates, and we get some great footage.