The SeaSearcher™ Command Trailer serves as an all-in-one transport, repair, and operations center for the SeaSearcher when on-site. There is secure storage for the SeaSearcher for transport to any of the Seafarer Exploration sites. There is also a complement of tools and spare parts so SeaSearcher can be repaired if needed. Finally, there is a fully integrated dual monitor command station where the SeaSearcher is operated. A high-speed wireless link from the command trailer to the SeaSearcher and HQ allows for real-time control and analysis of data as it is received. The SeaSearcher can also be controlled equally as well directly from the Good Fortune as well and we often do that. Here are some pictures of the team prepping and operating the SeaSearcher this week.

You might wonder how we resolve a target hit once the SeaSearcher identifies it and provides a precise location, depth, and size. For this, it’s time for the SeaSearcher Marine Research Team divers to hit the water and deploy a custom-designed hydro-probe which feeds a stream of clear water from the surface down to the bottom while capturing and providing real-time HD video of the intended target and surrounding strata. We can view any target up to 8’ below the bottom in minutes. We do this to minimize the time needed to validate targets. Once validated, it is marked, numbered, logged, and prioritized for the Discovery team to investigate further. We will have more on hydro-probing and how the SeaSearcher identifies and resolves targets next week.