United States, Florida, Palm Bay – 06/04/2019 (PRDistribution.com)

Wild Manta, LLC is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with Seafarer Exploration Corp (OTCMKTS: SFRX) to develop and manufacture multiple advanced underwater sensor platforms for detecting, 3D mapping and identifying shipwrecks, artifacts, and metals,  including non-ferrous metals.   The SeaSearcher(tm) platform houses an array of sophisticated custom-developed sensors for detection, 3D mapping, identification, interrogation, and discrimination of sub-bottom artifacts.  These advanced sensors result in an integrated and eye-opening toolset for Seafarer Exploration Corp as well as an advancement of the art of undersea exploration. 

“We are pleased to be working with Seafarer Exploration Corp.  We have been applying our decades of experience in the fields of wireless, cellular, acoustic, marine, advanced control systems, precision geolocation, advanced digital signal processing and networked architectures to the SeaSearcher(tm) platform.  The SeaSearcher(tm) represents some of the latest in precision location processing and imagery” said Tim Reynolds, President and CEO of Wild Manta, LLC.   The SeaSearcher(tm) platform frame has already begun aquatic qualification testing and will continue to be developed and integrated through the summer at the SeaSearcher(tm) lab along with one or more of Seafarer’s active dive sites.   For this effort, Wild Manta has teamed with Probability and Statistics, Inc. (P&S) to perform advanced simulations, directed research, and integration of various architecture components.  P&S specializes in computational fluid dynamics simulations and other multi-physics math and also assists in design and prototype fabrication, topographic modeling, sensor recording and analysis, advanced technology integration and secure blockchain encryption data management 

Wild Manta specializes in applied research and product development using proven engineering research practices along with decades of experience in communications, system architectures, detection, and precision geolocation.  With expertise across a broad range of technologies and fabrication techniques, Wild Manta is able to change visions into reality and to take a product from concept through deployment in government, medical, and commercial markets. Wild Manta was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Palm Bay, FL. 

Seafarer Exploration Corp engages in development of the infrastructure to engage in archaeological research, archaeologically-sensitive exploration, recovery and conservation of historic shipwrecks, and to eventually monetize the recovery of the shipwrecks without selling the treasure.  Its activities include archival research and translation of historical documents from archives and repositories from around the world.  Seafarer Exploration Corp is headquartered in Tampa, FL. 

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