While we were doing the final tests on the metal discriminator for SeaSearcher #2, the Good Fortune crew took SeaSearcher #1 out for a day of glamour shots. Normally we don’t show the SeaSearcher in its full glory. But on this day, SeaSearcher #1 was already dressed up for the visit from Senator Mayfield. Remaining fully functional, this flexible soft hull you see provides a streamlined profile for flying her through the water without the bulk of the harder bolt-on hull some have seen in other pictures. All of the sensors are still on board, they are just covered with the thin flexible membrane skin. It also allows us to share some of these fantastic photos of the SeaSearcher in action. The SeaSearcher naturally floats. This is so we can just cut the thrusters at any time and it just floats to the surface. So, to start the descent to the bottom, it’s full vertical thrusters down to our target depth of about 40-60’. As we break the surface of the water to descend, the SeaSearcher takes flight more like an airplane to the bottom where we engage the altitude hold and begin flying her along the bottom. Normal visibility is near zero. So to see the SeaSearcher out in the wild like this is a beautiful sight even for those of us that take her out every day. Even the fish do not seem to care and just go about their business. The divers had fun getting shots of the SeaSearcher flying over and around them as she did her work. Sometimes, when she slowed down enough, the divers were able to swim behind the SeaSearcher and even catch a ride. After having some fun taking video and swimming around, it was time to head to the surface, load up, and head to another area for real work. Was this a photo op? Yeah, it was. But a really cool one! We were just glad to be able to show you the equipment we use every day and how proud we are of her in action. If you like these photos, check back in a few days for the videos.