“Seafarer is excited to announce the addition of Peter Ensio to its Advisory Board. Mr. Ensio has a long history of building successful technology-focused companies, and we believe he will be a great addition to the Seafarer team. Mr. Ensio has also been an avid treasure hunter since he was young and shares Seafarer’s passion for history and archaeology. Seafarer believes that Mr. Ensio’s experience in the technology sector combined with his awareness of the unique challenges a treasure company faces will be an invaluable asset in furthering Seafarer’s goals of developing new technologies to dominate the treasure industry. Welcome aboard Mr. Ensio!”

– Kyle Kennedy, CEO

Seafarer: What is your background?

Peter Ensio: My background is in entrepreneurship and operational management. I’ve done so for 15 years within our own family’s core industrial manufacturing businesses, startups, and portfolio companies alike. 

With your specialized skills and talents, please tell us why you choose to work with Seafarer.

I choose to work with Seafarer because I believe the company’s technology and business plan have the capacity to scale in order to fundamentally change several industries. I am also passionate about maritime history, archeology and salvage of artifacts that drive society’s understanding of our own past. 

What are your goals and ambitions with Seafarer?

My goal for Seafarer is to capitalize on the momentum that it has with its technology, its current salvage/archeological sites, and its opportunities within the salvage industry as well as other industries in order to drive significant growth and value for shareholders. 

Where do you see Seafarer in five years?

I see Seafarer as the future dominant player in the salvage space, leveraging its technology to do so, but I also see Seafarer with other legitimate business units and a multibillion-dollar market cap.