A loyal supporter of Seafarer Brad S. Clark has joined the board of directors. Always at the ready to help in any way, Mr. Clark has been an investor and supporter of Seafarer for more than nine years. Mr. Clark has a background in the Air National Guard, law enforcement education and a degree in business administration but it’s his personal experience in business and production efficiency that will be a great asset to Seafarer and shareholders as will his unique hands-on experience with employee and operations management. In 2012, Mr. Clark was a tireless worker in Missouri with members of Seafarer and shareholders while they followed a long-time diver and dug for Jesuit gold.

Mr. Clark’s success in multiple businesses and his boundless energy and enthusiasm will fit perfectly with Seafarer’s holistic approach to opportunities in the marine exploration, salvage, and conservation industry. Seafarer is dedicated to looking at every side, every angle of every situation, whatever it takes to succeed, and Mr. Clark is a part of that solution. Welcome aboard, Mr. Clark.