On Labor Day, Seafarer, through the efforts of their new captain of the Good Fortune, John Grimm, began planning relief efforts to the island nation of the Bahamas. As news reports are showing unprecedented destruction to the Bahamas Seafarer, has decided to launch a humanitarian effort under the leadership of Captain Grimm and backup Captain Zack Smith to deliver to the Bahamas up to 6,000 pounds per trip of medical supplies, water, food and necessities until emergency agencies and personnel arrive over the next few days. Seafarer has donated the boat, captain, necessary crew, fuel and money to the cause.

Although we are a small company with plans for growth, we are trying to do our part to be a responsible corporate citizen by providing assistance to help those in dire need during a time of devastating crisis. We know that we can get to the Bahamas faster than many relief agencies and along with other companies and individuals we have already formed a flotilla of 15 high-speed boats to carry supplies and we hope more boats will join us. Captain Grimm has set up a fundraiser page to help with supply costs. Visit Seafarer’s Facebook page if you can help the Bahamas recover from the devastation. The people of the Bahamas need and appreciate your help.

Check back for photo updates as our efforts to help in the Bahamas progresses! https://www.facebook.com/seafarercorp/

Donate here: https://www.facebook.com/donate/509592133200166/